About the Artist

Christian Paniagua is a freelance children’s book illustrator focusing on the multicultural genre.  His resume as a freelance illustrator and graphic design artist encompasses a career of 18 years.  A native New Yorker of Dominican decent, Christian is an alumnus of Pratt Institute where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Master’s Degree in Science. 
Christian’s art flows from his urban roots, his love for animation, comics and his educational background.  His whimsical approach and his ability to blend movement, colors and emotions into his artwork allow him the freedom to diversify his designs.  Christian’s approach to traditional and digital art has allowed him to challenge, refine and continue to enhance his technique and style. 
As a freelance illustrator and graphic design artist Christian has worked in a wide range of markets that include children’s books, editorials, entertainment and commissioned work. 
Christian is based out of Brooklyn, New York.